In the fast-paced world of online businesses, time is of the essence, and efficient research can make or break your success.

One revolutionary tool that has proven to be a game-changer in this regard is the Google SERP API (Search Engine Results Page Application Programming Interface).

This article delves into the significance of SERP APIs, explores their importance for business growth, and highlights the top 15 Google SERP APIs that can streamline your research efforts.

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What is Google SERP API?

The Google SERP API is a powerful tool designed to scrape and gather data from Google's results pages. When you initiate a search, the API collects and compiles listings, providing valuable insights into titles, descriptions, queries, and other essential details.

This tool is not just limited to aiding in SEO performance; it plays a crucial role in keyword research, search engine analysis, and monitoring keyword-related information.

Why Google SERP API Matters?

1. Real-Time Data Scraping

The ability to scrape data simultaneously with real-time activities sets SERP APIs apart. Stay ahead of the curve by accessing the latest information as it unfolds.

2. Budget-Friendly Business Boost

In the world of business, cost-effective solutions are invaluable. Google SERP APIs offer a budget-friendly option for enhancing your operations without breaking the bank.

3. Customization Capabilities

Tailor your searches to meet specific requirements effortlessly. The flexibility and customization options provided by SERP APIs ensure that you get the information you need, exactly the way you want it.

4. Handling High Volumes with Precision

Whether you're dealing with a small-scale project or handling high volumes of data, SERP APIs are designed to cope with it accurately. Scale your operations seamlessly without compromising on efficiency.

5. Effective Use of Programming Languages

Google SERP APIs leverage programming languages effectively, ensuring that you can integrate them seamlessly into your existing workflows. This compatibility enhances the overall usability of the tool.

6. Versatile Data Responses

Receive responses in multiple formats, including JSON, HTML, or CSV. This versatility ensures that you can work with the data in a way that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Top 15 Google SERP APIs

1. Serpstack

the homepage of Serpstack's website


Serpstack emerges as a cloud-based API service, providing seamless access to various search engines, including Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo. Its prowess lies in delivering exhaustive search engine details, encompassing web, images, videos, news, and shopping.

Key Features

Feature Description
Pagination and Sorting Effectively manage voluminous search results with intuitive pagination and sorting features.
Customizable Use Tailor the API to your specific needs, allowing for high-volume requests without compromising efficiency.
Speedy API Requests Experience utmost speed in data retrieval, ensuring real-time results for your searches.
Language Compatibility Serpstack supports programming languages like JSON and CSV, ensuring seamless integration.
Security Boasts high-level security with bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption, safeguarding your data.


  • Free Plan: Includes 1000 searches, global locations, proxy network, and more.
  • Basic Plan ($29.99/month): 5000 searches, JSON & CSV, no rate limit.
  • Business Plan ($99.99/month): 20,000 searches, HTTPS encryption, standard support.
  • Business Pro Plan ($199.99/month): 50,000 searches, proxy network, search types, JSON & CSV.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized solutions with tailored features.

2. Zenserp

the homepage of Zenserp website


Zenserp steps into the spotlight as a scalable and instant Google SERP API. It prides itself on delivering real-time results with a focus on data accuracy. Zenserp goes the extra mile by alerting users when they approach 90% or 100% of their plan limits, ensuring a seamless experience.

Key Features

Feature Description
Geo-location Possibility Extend your reach with geo-location options, enhancing the diversity of your search results.
Language-Agnostic Zenserp supports all programming languages, eliminating any learning curve for users.
Volume Handling Easily manage requests of varying sizes, making it a versatile choice for different projects.
Playground Features Explore advanced parameters with categories like localization, pagination, and more.


  • Free Plan: Includes 50 searches.
  • Small Plan ($29/month): 5000 searches, all SERP types.
  • Medium Plan ($89/month): 20,000 searches, batch endpoint, keyword search volume, and more.
  • Large Plan ($189/month): 50,000 searches, keyword CPC, bulk index checker (GUI), and more.
  • Very Large Plan ($399/month): 120,000 searches, personal support, concierge onboarding, custom queue, and more.

3. SerpApi

the view of  SerpApi homepage


SerpApi stands out as a versatile Google SERP API, enriching the search experience with its user-friendly approach. What sets it apart is its strategic placement of search bars on the homepage, providing users with an intuitive above-the-fold experience for seamless testing.

Key Features

Feature Description
Easy Integration Seamlessly integrate with preferred programming languages for a hassle-free experience.
Diverse Use Cases Tailor SerpApi to various use cases, including SEO, Local SEO, AI Models, Voice Assistants, and more.
Real-time Results Experience direct answers with real-time results for efficient data retrieval.
Library Support Benefit from detailed library support for enhanced functionality.
Playground Section Explore advanced parameters like geographic location, localization, filters, pagination, and SerpApi-specific parameters.


  • Standard Plans: Free plan with 100 searches, Developer plan at $50 (50,000 searches), Production plan at $130 (15,000 searches), and Big Data plan at $250 (30,000 searches).
  • Enterprise Plans: Starting at $3,000 with custom US contracts, priority support, 100% uptime, and more.

4. Scale SERP

the homepage of Scale SERP website with red and white color theme


Scale SERP positions itself as the most complete Google SERP Data API, offering device responsivity and exceptional performance. It goes beyond traditional APIs, providing a comprehensive suite of services related to SERP.

Key Features

Feature Description
Global and Local Networks Access a wide range of global and local networks for diverse search results.
AI Page Parsing Ensure proper execution with AI Page Parsing capabilities.
Format Variety Utilize different formats for API responses for flexibility.
Advanced Playground Dive into the advanced playground for finding answers and live demos to manage variations.


  • Free Tier: 125 searches for free each month.
  • Paid Plans: Start from 1,000 searches at $19 per month, with options up to 5 million searches for $4,999.

5. Smartproxy

the homepage of Smartproxy website


Smartproxy emerges as a detailed and evolving Google SERP API, offering effective features with a focus on proxy solutions tailored to use cases and targets.

Key Features

Feature Description
Effortless Handling of Big Data Achieve top performance in handling large datasets seamlessly.
Accurate Data for Decisions Obtain precise data crucial for informed business decisions.
Free Tools Experience scraping APIs with free tools provided by Smartproxy.
Synchronous and Asynchronous Requests Enjoy the flexibility of both synchronous and asynchronous requests.
Useful Playground Exercise maximum control with a useful playground for configurations.


  • Flexible Plans: Budget-friendly plans starting from $50 per month for scraping APIs.
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6. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI website view on browser


ScraperAPI simplifies the complex process of web scraping by managing proxies, captchas, and IP rotations. It guarantees unlimited bandwidth and reliable sources for seamless crawling.

Key Features

Feature Description
Anti-bot Detection Prevent blocking with anti-bot detection capabilities.
99.99% Uptime Enjoy a high level of reliability with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
Global Results Access global results with 40 million IPs around the world.
Customizing Dataset Tailor your dataset with customizable options.
Format Variety Gather data in different formats for enhanced versatility.


  • Free Plan: 5,000 free API credits for 7 days.
  • Paid Plans: Hobby plan at $49, Startup plan at $149, Business plan at $299, and Professional plan at $999.
  • Custom Plans: Contact the ScraperAPI team for plans exceeding 10 million API credits and premium features.

7. Apify

homepage view of Apify


Apify stands out by paying attention to user needs, offering a full-stack program for web scraping and automation. Trusted by renowned brands, Apify introduces the concept of actors as the credits of the account, providing a comprehensive solution.

Key Features

Feature Description
Diverse Libraries Benefit from different libraries to enhance your work.
Ready-Made Integrations Use ready-made integrations for seamless implementation.
Visual Interface Follow tasks effortlessly with a visual interface designed for professionals.
Competitor Ranking Control Keep track of competitor rankings to stay ahead.
Human-Like Browser Fingerprints Enhance anonymity with human-like browser fingerprints.


  • Free Plan: $5 credit and 10 Compute Units (CUs).
  • Starter Plan ($49/month): $49 credit and 100 CUs (or pay as you go).
  • Scale Plan ($499/month): $499 credit and 500 CUs (or pay as you go).
  • Business Plan ($999/month): $999 credit and 1,000 CUs (or pay as you go).
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing based on individual requirements.

8. Scrape-it.Cloud

the website of Scrape-it.Cloud


Scrape-it.Cloud offers a practical and clear approach to sharing outputs without the need for coding. Ideal for SEO monitoring, competitor analysis, and content planning, it provides insights through automated scraping.

Key Features

Feature Description
No Limit for Scraping Extract data from complex sites without limitations.
Javascript Rendering Utilize Javascript rendering for accurate results.
Proxies for Safety Ensure safe and automated scraping with built-in proxies.
Integration Possibilities Improve data extraction through integration options.
Super Fast HTML Content Retrieval Swiftly retrieve HTML content for efficient scraping.


  • Free Trial: 30 days with 1,000 API credits.
  • Individual Plan ($30/month): 50,000 API Credits and 5 Concurrent Requests.
  • Startup Plan ($45/month): 100,000 API Credits and 15 Concurrent Requests.
  • Business Plan ($90/month): 1,000,000 API Credits and 30 Concurrent Requests.
  • Enterprise Plan ($200/month): 2,500,000 API Credits and 50 Concurrent Requests.

9. DataforSEO

the homepage of DataForSEO with dark color theme


DataforSEO offers a comprehensive set of result elements, complemented by a strong knowledge base to guide professionals. With built-in marketing tools and search engines, it is a versatile choice for Google SERP API.

Key Features

Feature Description
Customer Support Highlighted customer support for enhanced assistance.
Different Solutions Tailored solutions by company, industry, and application.
Worldwide Network Locations Access data from various worldwide locations.
Accurate Data and Fast Turnaround Ensure accuracy and quick turnaround time.
Various Integration Possibilities Explore various integration possibilities for seamless workflows.


  • Flexible "Pay Per Use" Model: Charges are based on usage, ensuring flexibility.
  • Different Categories: Tailored pricing for different tool categories.

10. SERPhouse

the homepage of SERPhouse with purple and white color theme


SERPhouse provides a variety of tools to build SEO tools, including Web Search API, Image Search API, and News Search API. With features like a vast proxy network, AI page parsing, and Captcha solving, it stands out in the SERP types arena.

Key Features

Feature Description
Accurate Results Precision in results across different locations, languages, and devices.
Responsivity Ensure responsivity across different devices for a seamless experience.
Bulk Processing Process data in bulk for efficient handling.
Postback and Pingback URL Leverage postback and pingback URLs for enhanced functionality.


  • Free Trial: 200 Live SERPs, 200 Delayed SERPs.
  • Basic Plan ($29.99/month): 20,000 Live SERPs, 20,000 Delayed SERPs.
  • Regular Plan ($49.99/month): 40,000 Live SERPs, 40,000 Delayed SERPs.
  • Custom Plan: Custom pricing without specific limitations.

11. Serper

the website of Serper with dark color theme


Serper boasts a direct and responsive system, swiftly guiding users to their dashboards with searches and necessary details upon login.

Key Features

Feature Description
Various Search Types Find related areas through various search types.
Locale Options Customize searches with locale options.
Autocorrect of Codes Benefit from autocorrection of codes for accurate queries.
Analytics Page Gain insights from an analytics page showcasing details.
Logs Information Track times and details through log information.


  • Starter Plan: $50 for 50k credits (submit 50,000 queries).
  • Standard Plan: $375 for 500k credits (submit 500,000 queries).
  • Scale Plan: $1250 for 2.5M credits (submit 2,500,000 queries).
  • Ultimate Plan: $3750 for 12.5M credits (submit 12,500,000 queries).

12. Whatsmyserp

the view of Whatsmyserp's homepage


Whatsmyserp offers a free Google SERP API, currently supporting Google as the primary search engine. With on-demand checks, it provides insights through GMB tracking, location-based results, and more.

Key Features:

Feature Description
GMB Tracking Keep track of Google My Business listings.
Location-Based Results Obtain search results based on specific locations.
CSV Reports Download reports in CSV format.
URL Sharing Share URLs with team members for collaboration.
Google Analytics Integration Seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics.


  • Free Forever Option: Limited features but perpetual usage.
  • Keyword-Based Pricing:
  • 25 Keywords: $4.99/month
  • 200 Keywords: $19.99/month
  • 500 Keywords: $29.99/month
  • 1000 Keywords: $59.99/month

13. Outscraper

the website view of Outscraper Google SERP API


Outscraper is a Google SERP API providing reliable, fast, and accurate data for searches. With cutting-edge technologies, it serves as a valuable alternative for those seeking robust solutions.

Key Features

Feature Description
Versatile Use Suited for development, data science, and marketing.
Simultaneous Task Management Efficiently manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
Cloud Scraping Utilize cloud scraping for enhanced performance.
Regular Updates Benefit from updates that regulate responsibilities.
Data Scraping Services Avail different services to scrape data from public sources.


  • Pay-as-You-Go Model: No fixed plans, charges based on usage.
  • Free Tier: 25 searches available for free.

14. SerpWow

the view of SerpWow's homepage with blue color theme on browser


SerpWow is an easy-to-use tool that seamlessly integrates with various programming languages. Live demos showcase the application's efficiency, making it a standout choice.

Key Features

Feature Description
Device Responsiveness Ensures responsiveness across different devices.
Multi-Search Engine Support Access more than one search engine, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
Worldwide Locations Obtain global results with worldwide location options.
Data Formats Retrieve data in JSON, CSV, or HTML formats.
No Need for Proxies Works efficiently without the need for proxies.


  • Free Search Option: Up to 100 searches available for free.
  • Paid Plans Start From: $25 per month, expands up to $9,000 per month.
  • Customizable Payment: Tailor payment according to business size and expectations.

15. Scrapingdog

Scrapingdog's Google Search API


Scrapingdog offers a specialized API designed specifically for extracting Google Search Results. With a swift average response time and a high level of data accuracy, it ensures reliable and rapid results.

Key Features

Feature Description
Support for All Programming Languages Seamlessly integrates with any programming language.
40M+ IPs Worldwide Access a vast proxy network with 40 million IPs worldwide.
Anti-Bot Detection Prevents blocking with an anti-bot detection mechanism.
Location-Based Results Retrieve results based on different locations.
User-Friendly Integration Easy to integrate and user-friendly.


  • Free Tier: 1000 free monthly credits.
  • Lite Plan: $30 for 200,000 credits and 5 concurrent requests
  • Standard Plan: $90 for 1,000,000 credits and 50 concurrent requests.
  • Pro Plan: $200 for 3,000,000 credits and 100 concurrent requests.
  • Enterprise Plan: $500 for 8,000,000 credits and 200 concurrent requests.
  • Custom Plans: Tailored plans available for heavy requirements.

What Critical Considerations Are Involved in the Selection of the Ideal SERP API?

In the realm of SERP APIs, the choices are abundant, each offering unique advantages. While we've delved into standout tools, your selection process should be guided by essential considerations that align with your specific needs.

1. Precision Matters

In the world of data scraping, precision is paramount. Choose a SERP API with a proven track record for accuracy and reliability. Consistent delivery of precise data forms the bedrock of dependable insights.

2. Tailored Solutions with Flexibility

Every project brings its intricacies. Opt for a SERP API that provides customization and flexibility, allowing you to fine-tune parameters according to your unique requirements.

3. Budget-Friendly Insights

While exploring the possibilities, keep a close eye on pricing structures. Ensure the chosen SERP API not only packs power but also aligns with your budget constraints, providing value for your investment.

4. Balancing Act: Scalability and Quality

A tool's richness extends beyond features; it lies in its scalability and data quality. Opt for a tool that scales seamlessly with growing demands without compromising on data quality.

5. Time Efficiency:

In the dynamic world of web scraping, time is of the essence. Prioritize tools with swift response times to ensure efficient data retrieval, enhancing your ability to act swiftly.

6. Geo-Flexibility:

Whether you're delving into local insights or global trends, geolocation flexibility is key. Choose a SERP API that allows easy adjustments, aligning with the geographical scope of your project.

7. Language Versatility:

Consider language diversity when evaluating SERP APIs. Language support is critical for projects spanning various regions and demographics, enhancing the tool's adaptability.

8. Seamless Integration:

A versatile tool extends beyond SERP API functions. Look for a tool that integrates seamlessly with additional tools, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data gathering and streamlined workflows.

9. Beyond the Basics:

While fundamentals are crucial, consider tools offering extra features for an enriched experience. Advanced analytics, diverse data formats, or innovative functionalities can elevate your scraping endeavors.


In the dynamic e-commerce landscape, Google SERP APIs play a pivotal role in data extraction. The exploration of top players like Serpstack, Zenserp, SerpApi, and others has highlighted their diverse features and pricing structures.

Choosing the right SERP API involves crucial considerations like precision, customization, budget alignment, scalability, and time efficiency. Businesses must weigh these factors to find a tool seamlessly aligned with their project goals.

The right SERP API can be the key to success in web scraping and data-driven strategies, offering cutting-edge solutions and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving online realm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Google SERP API, and how does it differ from traditional web scraping?

A Google SERP API (Search Engine Results Page Application Programming Interface) is a tool designed for extracting and aggregating data from Google's search result pages. Unlike traditional web scraping, SERP APIs provide a more efficient and reliable way to access real-time search data, offering features such as concurrent scraping, customization options, and support for various data response formats.

How can Google SERP APIs benefit e-commerce businesses and SEO efforts?

Google SERP APIs offer invaluable benefits for e-commerce and SEO strategies. These tools provide real-time data acquisition, allowing businesses to stay updated on the latest information. They contribute to cost-efficient business enhancement by offering budget-friendly solutions. Additionally, the customization precision of SERP APIs is crucial for tailoring searches to specific criteria, aiding in keyword research, search engine analysis, and monitoring keyword-related information.

How do pricing plans for Google SERP APIs vary, and what factors should be considered when choosing a plan?

Pricing plans for Google SERP APIs vary based on factors like the number of searches, features offered, and support levels. When choosing a plan, consider your project's scale, expected usage, and budget constraints. Some APIs offer free plans with limited features, while paid plans may include options for different levels of usage, additional features, and support.

Can Google SERP APIs be used for purposes other than SEO, such as data science or market research?

Yes, Google SERP APIs have versatile applications beyond SEO. They can be utilized for data science, market research, AI models, voice assistants, and more. The ability to customize searches, obtain real-time results, and access data in various formats makes SERP APIs valuable tools for a wide range of projects requiring insights from Google search results.

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