Oxylabs, a key player in web data extraction and proxy services, simplifies the intricate landscape for businesses and individuals..

Renowned for its versatile solutions, Oxylabs caters to diverse needs with comprehensive features.

This review explores Oxylabs, shedding light on its key aspects—features, advantages, drawbacks, and overall benefits.

For seasoned professionals in need of reliable proxies or individuals seeking efficient web data harnessing, a thorough understanding of Oxylabs is vital for making informed decisions in the dynamic digital landscape.

General Overview

Category Details
Founding Year 2015
Headquarters Vilnius, Lithuania
Services Data Extraction, Proxy Services
Key Offerings Residential Proxies, Data Center Proxies
Technological Solutions Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Target Industries E-commerce, Market Research, Travel
Compliance Legal and Ethical Standards
Global Reach Yes

Oxylabs, a prominent Lithuanian proxy provider established in 2015, has emerged as a major player in the field. With a focus on business clients, Oxylabs boasts an extensive range of proxy services and data collection APIs. The company's commitment to ethical practices, demonstrated by its participation in the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative, sets it apart.

Oxylabs, a prominent Lithuanian proxy provider established in 2015, has emerged as a major player in the field. With a focus on business clients, Oxylabs boasts an extensive range of proxy services and data collection APIs. The company's commitment to ethical practices, demonstrated by its participation in the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative, sets it apart.

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Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies

Oxylabs controls the world's largest network of datacenter proxies, comprising over 2 million IPs from nearly 8,000 subnets. The dedicated proxy lists offer impressive features, including minimal limitations, SOCKS5 support, and availability in over 150 locations. For those requiring rotation, the Proxy Rotator add-on addresses this limitation. The rotating proxy pool, with a focus on the US, facilitates web scraping activities.


Feature Description
IP Address Diversity Datacenter proxies typically offer a range of IP addresses from various data centers located in different geographical locations.
High Speeds Datacenter proxies are often known for their fast and reliable connection speeds since they are hosted on powerful servers in data centers.
Scalability Datacenter proxies can be easily scaled, allowing users to add more proxies to meet their growing needs.
Geographic Targeting Users may have the ability to choose proxies from specific geographic locations, allowing for more targeted web scraping or online activities.
Protocol Support Datacenter proxies often support various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS.
Session Control Some providers offer session control features, allowing users to maintain a consistent connection to a specific IP address for a set period.
User Authentication To enhance security, datacenter proxies may support authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users can access them.
API Access Some providers offer API access, allowing users to integrate proxy management into their applications or workflows.
Usage Statistics Datacenter proxy services may provide usage statistics and analytics to help users monitor their proxy usage.
24/7 Support Reliable customer support is a common feature, providing assistance with any issues or inquiries related to the proxy service.


the pricing plan for Oxylabs' Data Center Proxies

➡️ Subscription-based model.

➡️Dedicated proxies priced based on the number of IPs, with varying rates for different countries.

➡️Rotating proxies charge based on traffic use, starting at $.65/GB.

Performance Benchmarks

➡️Infrastructure performance: Oxylabs' rotating proxies demonstrated flawless operation with high speed.

➡️ Download speed: Both dedicated and rotating IPs proved suitable for traffic-intensive tasks like video streaming.

➡️Performance with popular targets: High success rates and respectable latency for both dedicated and rotating proxies.

Oxylabs Residential Proxies

Oxylabs manages approximately 100 million monthly residential proxies, the largest pool in the market. Sourced through partnerships and Honeygain, these proxies offer extensive features, including precise location targeting and SOCKS5 support.


Feature Description
Residential IP Addresses Access to a pool of real residential IP addresses.
Global Coverage Wide range of IP addresses from various countries and cities.
Proxy Types HTTP and HTTPS residential proxies available.
High Performance Designed for high performance and low latency.
Session Control Ability to maintain a persistent connection for a specified duration.
Authentication Various authentication methods such as username/password, IP whitelisting, or token-based.
Scalability Scalable solutions for different user needs.
API Access API support for seamless integration into applications.
User Dashboard User-friendly dashboard for managing and monitoring proxy usage.
24/7 Support Customer support available around the clock.
Choose Country and Location Ability to choose proxies from any country and specify location down to coordinates.
Rotate IPs Option to rotate IPs as needed for enhanced anonymity.
Limited Google Access Residential proxies block Google access.


pricing plans for Oxylabs' Residential Proxies

➡️ Traffic-based pricing: Pay-as-you-go at $10/GB or choose a plan starting at $99.

➡️Premium pricing compared to the market but competitive relative to specific needs.

Performance Benchmarks

➡️ Pool size & composition: Oxylabs demonstrated substantial IP availability, outperforming competitors in individual country pools.

➡️ Infrastructure performance: Residential proxies exhibited impressive performance, surpassing competitors in speed.

➡️ Performance with popular targets: Residential proxies smoothly accessed tested websites, excluding Google.

Oxylabs Mobile Proxies

Oxylabs controls 20 million monthly IPs on cellular networks, utilizing a peer-to-peer model. With support for various features, these proxies cater to diverse needs.


Feature Description
IP Rotation Allows rotation of IP addresses to prevent blocking and enhance anonymity.
Geographic Coverage Provides global coverage for accessing geo-restricted content or specific regions.
Device Emulation Simulates real mobile devices for tasks requiring mobile interaction.
User-Agent Options Customizable User-Agent header for mimicking different devices and browsers.
Session Management Offers session persistence for maintaining the same IP address over an extended period.
High-Quality IPs Provides high-quality, low-latency mobile IPs for reliability.
Authentication Access may require authentication for security.
Usage Limits Limits on requests, bandwidth, etc., to prevent abuse and ensure fair usage.
Support and Documentation Customer support and documentation for setup and usage.
Available Countries Accessible in any country but limited to TCP and web traffic.
City-Level Targeting Not available; however, supports state and carrier filtering.
Protocol Supports SOCKS5 protocol, recently enabled for web traffic over TCP.


Subscription plans starting from $200 or pay-as-you-go at $22/GB.

Performance Benchmarks

➡️ Pool size & composition: A large mobile proxy pool with impressive coverage, especially in the US.

➡️ Infrastructure performance: High connection success rate and faster speed than competitors.

➡️ Performance with popular targets: Mobile proxies demonstrated good performance, with some issues on Amazon.

Computer screen displaying diverse datasets, relevant to web scraping

Web Scraping APIs by Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers four web scraping APIs, capable of fetching pages with anti-bot system handling, JavaScript rendering, and retries.


The APIs boast an array of features, allowing seamless integration, data retrieval over an open connection, and the creation of job IDs for flexible result fetching. Users can replace proxy servers using the endpoint:port format, and Oxylabs ensures requests can be sent from any country with precise location precision. However, certain limitations exist, such as the inability to establish sessions or interact with page elements.

Specialized endpoints cater to specific targets, such as Amazon or Google, each offering tailored parameters for more efficient scraping. Notably, Oxylabs stands out for its extensive website parsing capabilities, supporting six major e-commerce stores and offering an AI-based tool for structuring various e-commerce pages.

Unique features include a crawler and scheduler, empowering users to plan scraping jobs and crawl multiple levels of URLs without the need for custom implementations, potentially saving significant time.


Oxylabs uses a request-based pricing model starting at $50, offering monthly or discounted yearly subscriptions with automatic renewals. Users pay for successful requests, and pricing can vary based on the complexity of the target website.

The self-service option begins at $49 for 17.5K requests, featuring a 5,000-request trial over seven days. All four APIs share equal pricing, a rarity in the industry, providing a straightforward approach. Costs increase for plans with millions of results, making Oxylabs an appealing choice for Google and headless browser scraping. However, it may be relatively more expensive for other use cases until it reaches enterprise levels.

Performance Benchmarks

➡️ Google: Oxylabs' API showed near-perfect success rates and quick results.

➡️ Amazon: Perfect success rates with fast data retrieval.

➡️ Social media network: Consistent success but slower response times.

How to Use Oxylabs

Oxylabs provides a user-friendly experience with a registration process, a detailed dashboard, and various support avenues.


➡️ Standard registration process or Google account sign-up.

Oxylabs' Registration web page

➡️ Business-oriented registration involves contacting sales with KYC requirements.

Dashboard Features

➡️ Informative dashboard with sections for each product and subscription management.

➡️ Language options: English or Chinese.

Subscription Management

➡️ Self-service available for some products; others require contacting sales.

➡️ No wallet functionality; transactions made upon plan renewal.

Proxy Management

➡️  Simple proxy setup, varying by proxy type.

➡️  Datacenter IPs: Authenticate in the dashboard and download the list.

➡️  Rotating proxies: Utilize backconnect gateway servers with a handy setup widget.

Usage Tracking

➡️  Detailed usage graphs in the dashboard, varying by product type.

➡️  Proxy networks focus on traffic use, request numbers, and additional details.

Public API

➡️  Public APIs available for residential and data center proxies.

➡️ Manage access, retrieve proxy lists, whitelist IPs, and monitor offline proxies.

Oxylabs' Public API document view

Supporting Tools

➡️ Free Chrome extension for easy proxy setup on web browsers

➡️ Android app for setting up a proxy server on mobile devices.


➡️FAQ (Learning Hub) for non-technical queries.

Oxylabs' FAQ website homepage

➡️Technical documentation with usage instructions, programming examples, and integration guides.

the view of Oxylabs' Documentation website

Hands-On Support

  • Dedicated account manager for each client.
  • Fast and professional support via live chat or email in English, Russian, Chinese, and Lithuanian.

Pros and Cons

When considering a proxy service like Oxylabs, it's essential to weigh the advantages and drawbacks to make an informed decision. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:


Extensive Proxy Network: Oxylabs boasts an extensive and diverse proxy network, providing users with a wide range of options, including residential and data center proxies.
Reliability and Uptime: Users often praise Oxylabs for its reliable service and high uptime. This is crucial for users who depend on proxies for continuous and uninterrupted data extraction.
Performance and Speed: Speed tests consistently showcase impressive performance, making Oxylabs a reliable choice for users requiring fast and efficient data retrieval.
Proxy Management Tools: The user-friendly dashboard and robust proxy management tools empower users to customize and control their proxy settings with ease, enhancing the overall user experience.
Customer Support: Oxylabs is known for its responsive and accessible customer support. The support team assists users promptly, addressing queries and issues effectively.
Security Measures: Oxylabs prioritizes security with encryption measures, ensuring that user data and activities remain protected while using their proxy services.


Pricing Structure: Some users may find Oxylabs' pricing plans to be on the higher side compared to other providers. However, the value provided should be considered alongside the cost.
Learning Curve for Beginners: Users new to proxy services may find the range of options and customization features initially overwhelming. Oxylabs could improve user onboarding resources to ease this learning curve.
Limited Free Trial: While Oxylabs offers a trial period, some users may find it shorter than desired for a comprehensive evaluation. A more extended trial period could better accommodate users in the decision-making process.
Dependency on Internet Connectivity: As with any proxy service, Oxylabs' performance is dependent on internet connectivity. Users in areas with less stable internet may experience occasional disruptions.
Limited Data Center Locations: Although Oxylabs has an extensive network, the availability of data center proxies in certain locations may be limited compared to residential proxies.

In conclusion, Oxylabs presents a robust set of features with a few considerations. Pros such as a reliable network and excellent customer support may outweigh the cons for many users. It's advisable to assess individual requirements and preferences when deciding if Oxylabs is the right fit for your proxy needs.


In conclusion, Oxylabs emerges as a prominent player in the proxy services industry, with a strong emphasis on ethical data practices. The company's comprehensive offerings, including the world's largest network of data center proxies, a vast pool of residential proxies, and a substantial mobile proxy network, position it as a versatile solution for diverse client needs.

Oxylabs excels in performance across various proxy types, demonstrating high speeds, impressive infrastructure capabilities, and competitive pricing models. The web scraping APIs further enhance its appeal, offering advanced features, specialized endpoints, and unique tools for efficient data retrieval.

The user-friendly experience provided by Oxylabs, from a detailed dashboard to supporting tools like browser extensions and mobile apps, adds to the overall convenience. The hands-on support, available in multiple languages, ensures that clients receive prompt assistance.

While Oxylabs may have a premium pricing structure, its offerings align well with specific business requirements, especially for data-intensive tasks like scraping Google and Amazon. In essence, Oxylabs stands as a reliable and versatile choice in the proxy services landscape, catering to the diverse needs of businesses with its robust infrastructure, ethical practices, and user-friendly approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets Oxylabs apart in the proxy services industry?

Oxylabs distinguishes itself with a focus on ethical practices, as demonstrated by its participation in the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative.

2. How extensive is Oxylabs' network of data center proxies?

Oxylabs controls the world's largest network of data center proxies, comprising over 2 million IPs from nearly 8,000 subnets.

3. What features do Oxylabs data center proxies offer?

Features include minimal limitations, SOCKS5 support, availability in over 150 locations, and a Proxy Rotator add-on for those requiring rotation.

4. What are the performance benchmarks for Oxylabs' mobile proxies?

Mobile proxies demonstrated a high connection success rate and faster speed than competitors.

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