If you're into Instagram automation or managing multiple accounts, you might have heard of helpful tools such as bots, scrapers, and proxies. Here, let's understand what they are:

  • Instagram Bots: Automate actions like comments, likes, and follows. Useful for growing your followers.
  • Instagram Scrapers: Collect useful data like user profiles and hashtags for strategic decisions.
  • Instagram Proxies: Enable bots and scrapers to work efficiently by hiding your IP address to avoid getting blocked.
Instagram Proxy

So, grabbing a good Instagram proxy server is key to successful Instagram automation, letting you expand your social media reach and profitability.

To skip the hard work of going through a torrent of options, here are some of the best Instagram proxy providers to consider:

Best Instagram Proxies
Smartproxy: Topping the list, Smartproxy offers excellent proxies perfect for Instagram. It hosts a tremendous range of 40 million residential proxies and also features mobile proxies in more than 130 locations. However, they provide ISP proxies in the US only.

SOAX: Notably offering mobile proxies with flexible filtering options, SOAX's mobile proxy pool boasts roughly 3.5M IP addresses across 3G and 4G networks. SOAX also controls about 5 million residential proxies globally and approximately 100,000 ISP addresses in the US.

Bright Data: Offering the most feature-rich Instagram proxies, Bright Data is one of the largest proxy providers with a pool of 7 million mobile proxies. They have a vast pool of residential and ISP addresses covering multiple locations around the world.

Webshare: They offer fast ISP proxies with a comprehensive self-service. However, they only provide ISP proxies, so there's a limitation there. On the upside, Webshare offers one of the cheapest residential proxies in the market.

NetNut: NetNut presents ISP proxies with flexible targeting options in the US. The company runs 1 million mobile addresses and also sells both static and rotating residential proxies.

Remember, the right proxy provider for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Spend some time assessing what you need from a proxy provider before making your final decision.


Smartproxy shines as our number one recommendation for Instagram proxies this year. With its superior speed and outstanding scalability, Smartproxy offers an optimal solution for a broad spectrum of Instagram needs. Its unbeatable efficacy was demonstrated in the latest Proxy Market Research, where Smartproxy’s mobile IPs achieved an average success rate of 97.37%. These addresses, selected from a diverse pool of 10 million IPs, allow users to target across an impressive range of 130 locations and more than 700 ASNs.

SmartProxy Homepage
  • Operates a vast residential proxy network that spans 40 million addresses worldwide.
  • Provides ISP proxies using a pool of 16,000 static addresses in the US.
  • Proxy rotation is a breeze with options to change with every request.
  • Excellent customer-centric features, such as a free anti-detect browser with any of the proxy services and award-winning 24/7 support via chat or email.
  • Limitation: Short duration sticky sessions and ISP proxies location restriction to the US.
  • Pricing: Mobile proxies available at $21 for 1 GB; ISP proxies at $28 for 2 GB; Residential proxies at $7 for 1 GB.


SOAX distinguishes itself for its mobile proxies. As they uniquely offer flexible filtering options, users have the advantage to fine-tune their Instagram experience to their exact requirements. SOAX’s mobile proxy pool hosts a commendable 3.5M IP addresses on 3G and 4G networks that demonstrated an extraordinary average success rate of 98.22% during tests.

Soax Homepage
  • Provides 5 million residential proxies and 100,000 ISP addresses in the US.
  • Flexible filtering options for mobile and residential proxies allow tailor-made Instagram account management solutions.
  • Sessions can last up to 24 hours.
  • Excellent round-the-clock live chat and ticketing support.
  • Limitation: Necessity to whitelist your IP address and limited number of ports per subscription.
  • Pricing: Packages start from $99 providing 15 GB data and 300 ports.

Bright Data

As one of the largest proxy providers, Bright Data provides proxies laced with an array of extra features for users who crave more control. Bright Data prides itself on hosting a colossal pool of 7 million mobile proxies and boasts a tested average success rate of 98.06%.

Brightdata Homepage
  • Controls a staggering 72 million rotating and 700,000 static residential proxies worldwide.
  • Mobile and residential proxies cover all countries and thousands of cities.
  • Offers an option for flexible IP rotation with its in-house Proxy Manager.
  • Limitation: Expensive premium features like ASN targeting. Complex and sometimes confusing user experience and slower mobile proxies.
  • Pricing: Mobile proxies at $8.40 for 1 GB; ISP proxies at $15/GB + $0.50/IP; Residential proxies at $8.40 for 1 GB.


Webshare earns its place in this list by offering lightning-fast ISP proxies coupled with complete self-service for users. While it doesn’t provide mobile IPs, it compensates by showcasing an extensive portfolio of 100,000 ISP proxies spread across 5 locations, and an admirable average success rate of 91.84%.

WebShare Homepage
  • Offers semi-dedicated proxies and shared or dedicated proxies suitable for managing Instagram accounts.
  • Available cheap residential proxies with 30 million addresses worldwide.
  • Exceptional self-service features with fully flexible plans and automatic IP replacement at chosen intervals.
  • Limitation: Limited customer service via email and increase in price for additional features.
  • Pricing: ISP proxies at $6 for 20 shared IPs; Residential proxies at $7 for 1 GB.


While NetNut advertises a relatively lower quantity of one million mobile addresses, tests revealed it provides a significant volume of unique IPs surpassing even some of the larger alternatives. Holding an average success rate of 95.68%, NetNut offers a wholesome Instagram proxy solution.

Netnut Homepage
  • IPs rotate with each request and allow for long sticky sessions.
  • Provides static and rotating residential proxies with a large volume covering over 150 countries.
  • Limitation: Only one in four proxies in NetNut’s unfiltered pool is mobile, and they significantly lag in speed compared to their counterparts.
  • Pricing: Mobile proxies at $300 for 10 GB; ISP proxies at $350 for 20 GB; Residential proxies at $100 for 5 GB.
Provider Overview Limitations Pricing
Smartproxy Offers a range of 40M residential & mobile proxies across 130+ locations, with ISP proxies restricted to US. Proxies can change with every request. Average success rate of 97.37%. Short duration sticky sessions. ISP proxies location restricted to the US. Mobile: $21 for 1 GB. ISP: $28 for 2 GB. Residential: $7 for 1 GB.
SOAX Offers mobile proxies with roughly 3.5M IP addresses across 3G & 4G networks. Also controls 5M residential proxies globally and 100K ISP addresses in the US. Average success rate of 98.22%. Need to whitelist your IP address. Limited number of ports per subscription. Packages from $99 providing 15 GB data and 300 ports.
Bright Data One of the largest providers, offering 7M mobile proxies with an average success rate of 98.06%. Controls 72M rotating and 700K static residential proxies worldwide. Premium features like ASN targeting are expensive. User experience can be complex and confusing. Mobile proxies are slower. Mobile: $8.40 for 1 GB. ISP: $15/GB + $0.50/IP. Residential: $8.40 for 1 GB.
Webshare Provides lightning-fast ISP proxies with complete self-service for users. Offers 100K ISP proxies across 5 locations. Average success rate of 91.84%. Limited customer service via email. Increase in price for additional features. ISP: $6 for 20 shared IPs. Residential: $7 for 1 GB.
NetNut Offers 1M mobile addresses, ISP proxies with flexible targeting options in the US. Average success rate of 95.68%. Only one in four proxies in NetNut's pool is mobile. Mobile speeds lag compared to counterparts. Mobile: $300 for 10 GB. ISP: $350 for 20 GB. Residential: $100 for 5 GB.

What Does An Instagram Proxy Do?

Think of an Instagram Proxy as a mask. It hides your real IP address when you're using Instagram, making your actions appear under a different IP. This unique feature comes in very handy in today's times. Here's why:

  • Your Proxy IP should be Mobile, ISP (Internet Service Provider), or Rotating Residential: Datacenter Instagram proxies are now less effective. Choose the right type of IP to get better results.
  • The Proxy IP should not get Banned: When you start using a new IP, ensure it's not banned. If you're using a residential proxy where users share the same pool, this could be challenging. But with a network comprising millions of residential IP addresses, you stand a pretty good chance of success.

Apart from these, Instagram proxies work just like regular proxy IPs. Most proxy providers who offer other services (like proxies for sneaker copping, YouTube, Craigslist) also provide Instagram proxies.

In a nutshell, whether it's managing multiple Instagram accounts, building a significant following, scraping for data, or bypassing Instagram usage restrictions, the right Instagram proxy makes it all possible.

Why Should You Consider Using Proxies for Instagram?

Instagram proxies can be a real game-changer for your activity on the platform, whether you're a business or an individual. Here are some top reasons why you might want to use them:

Consider Using Proxies for Instagram
  • Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts: If you need to operate more than a few accounts, proxies are essential. Instagram might flag your IP address if all the activity is coming from one place. Proxies help prevent this.
  • Build a Following: This involves managing multiple accounts too, but proxies ease the workload. It's not a conventional strategy, but if it helps you land brand deals and grow your audience, it could be well worth it.
  • Scrape Instagram: Instagram is a goldmine of valuable information. Proxies enable you to scrape data like hashtags, photos, followers, or even entire profiles. Just remember, Instagram isn't big on this behavior and might block you if detected.
  • Unblock Instagram: If your school, workplace, or even country restricts Instagram usage, proxies can help. While VPNs are alternatives, Instagram proxies often do a much better job.

The Best Types of Proxies for Instagram

Now, not all proxies are created equal. Some types work better for Instagram than others. Let's break them down from best to worst:

Types of Proxies for Instagram
  • Mobile Proxies (4G proxies): Instagram loves these IPs because they come from mobile devices. Also, many mobile devices share a single IP address, making it harder to detect. The downside? They're costly and not feasible if you need many accounts.
  • ISP Proxies: These IPs come from Internet Service Providers, making them quite reliable. Plus, they're very fast because they're server-based. These proxies don't need to rotate, which makes them ideal for managing multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Residential Proxies: These IPs are from real user devices like desktop computers or smartphones. They're less expensive than mobile and ISP proxies, but also slower. These proxies are great for creating new Instagram accounts or for web scraping.
  • Dedicated Proxies: These are private datacenter proxies. While these are cheaper than mobile and residential proxies, they're not the best for running Instagram bots. However, they can still be useful for running Instagram scraper accounts.
  • Shared Proxies: These are popular IPs being used by many. You can never be sure if these proxies haven't already been blocked by Instagram, and they're all data center IPs, which aren't as effective. So, it's best to avoid using shared proxies for Instagram.

Remember, the trick is to find the balance between your needs and budget when selecting the right proxy.

Effective Tips to Master the use of Instagram Proxy

Your Instagram automation efficiency can greatly improve when you use proxies smartly. Here are a handful of practical tips to help you become an Instagram proxy maestro:

Master the use of Instagram Proxy
  • Evaluate your needs: If you're only running two or three Instagram accounts with an Instagram bot, you might not need proxies at all. The same goes for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) - they're beneficial if you're handling hundreds of accounts, but not for small-scale usage.
  • Be smart about the tools you choose: There are myriad Instagram bots to pick from. UseViral, Kicksta, etc., are some of the popular ones. You could even build your own! Consider also including an anti-detect browser for better Instagram account management.
  • Start slow: If you're cultivating Instagram accounts, allow them to "warm up" for a while before going full throttle. Gradually increasing the number of follows can yield better results. Aim to achieve between one to two hundred followers per day.
  • Be mindful of your actions: Do not run your Instagram account round the clock. Use it within certain timeframes, like 12 hours. That's more human-like. Operating your accounts in shifts and varying engagement times intermittently can be more effective.

Navigating Instagram's landscape might be challenging, with the platform constantly updating its algorithms. However, the game of Instagram automation and bot usage starts anew with each change. This is where Instagram proxies enter, giving users the flexibility and adaptability needed to ride the waves of change.

Key to successful Instagram automation and management is an informed and strategic proxy usage. With the top-notch proxy providers like Smartproxy, SOAX, Bright Data, Webshare, and NetNut, users can wield highly efficient proxies custom-suited for their Instagram actions, making Instagram automation a compelling strategy rather than a game of luck.

Remember, in the rapidly evolving sphere of Instagram, continuous learning is the secret to staying ahead of the game. By keeping tabs on the latest developments in Instagram automation and bots, users can constantly update and adapt their strategies fittingly. Lastly, never compromise with inadequate service.


What is an Instagram proxy?
An Instagram proxy is a specialized server that masks your IP address when you’re interacting with Instagram, preventing IP blockage so you can use bots and scrapers safely.

Why use proxies for Instagram?
Proxies are essential for managing multiple Instagram accounts, building a following, scraping Instagram for data, and accessing Instagram from restricted networks.

What are different types of Instagram proxies?
Various types include Mobile Proxies, ISP Proxies, Residential Proxies, Dedicated Proxies, and Shared Proxies.

How do you choose an Instagram Proxy Provider?
The best provider for you greatly depends on your specific needs and budget. Providers like Smartproxy, SOAX, Bright Data, Webshare, and NetNut are some of the top picks in 2024.

Can Instagram proxies get banned?
While Instagram proxies hide your IP address, if suspicious activity is detected on your account, the proxy IP can be banned. However, with large proxy network providers, the chances of this happening are diminished.

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